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da Vinci: Study Sheets/Sketches

  • Head_of_a_old_man_blue_lt_arot_crp
    Portrait of Old Man Head of an Old Man Porfile of a Bald Man Study of Six Figures Study Head of a Horse Study Sheet Flowers Study Sheet Horse


  • Mona_2_eye_lg
    MONA LISA Leonardo da Vinci Louvre-Paris Lighting and or color enhancements by LJ.


  • Magi_neg_no_color_a_crp_m


  • Horse_and_rider_full_lt_bb
    Drawing, sketches and study sheets by LEONARDO DA VINCI. Lighting effects by L. S.


  • St_anne_3_rot_dk
    THE VIRGIN AND CHILD WITH ST. ANNE AND THE YOUNG ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST NOTE: To avoid confusion with "Virgin of the Rocks", I've used the title: ST. ANNE... for my photo album. None of the images have been altered other than by means of basic lighting, contrasting, cropped, etc., I've used a white out or black out effect to draw viewers attention to some specific images. (BY LJ.)


  • V_man_2_eye
    VITRUVIAN MAN: LEONARDO DA VINCI Is it so hard to visualize the spread legs forming the shape of a compass and that both sets of feet are drawn to form a right angle, yet it almost seems too simple to suggest this was intentionally done by LEONARDO to represent the MASONIC symbol of the compass and square... Then again I find it extremely interesting to speculate if indeed it was done intentionally!


  • Virgin_of_the_rocks_bw_crp_neg_face
    "VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS" Louvre-Paris Negative, reversed image turned upside down, color and lighting enhanced by LJ. Scary face?


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July 14, 2008



I infact saw the other man's nose on tilting my head slightly to the left.
Amazing illusions of the great artwork.

I loved your site,and would surely visit this fantastic site often.

Keep up the great work :)


Making people look intently at his work is a good thing. I am not convinced that there are any deliberate illusions but I'll continue enjoying his work. He is a man I admire above most.


I can see the nose but either my eyes are going or the picture is too small for me to see others.


Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm really glad you like my site and more importantly; ISN'T THIS JUST THE WILDEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN?
And this sketch is over 500 years old, how has all of this eluded us for so long. (I have a theory.)
This has been the most surreal experience of discovery and I just love that "OMG! I see it" moment.
The best part is there just doesn't seem to be an end to all the hidden images within this sketch, let alone on ALL of DA VINCI's works of art.
If you're not seeing any other images, scroll down about 3 posts and I actually outline many hidden images for you.
However, it still doesn't begin to cover all the many other hidden images left to be found within this sketch!! I'm not about to spoil anyone's sense of discovery by trying to point out everything. (As if I could.)
Hope you'll help me spread the word of this amazing secret with the rest of the world.
And stay tuned for more!!
L. A. Jansann


To: Daddypapersurfer

I too admire this man SO MUCH! How can anyone not admire him? And not just for the incredible inventions, beautiful works of art, contributions to science, etc., but from all I've read he was an extremely kind, caring and compassionate man as well.
Thank you for your honesty. I know not everyone sees everything immediately, but it sounds as if you have an opened mind and that's all I can possibly ask of anyone. And if I can help you really see what all I'm seeing I just know you'll be so amazed at what all DA VINCI left for us to discover. It's people like you, that love his art and truly admire him, that I believe will enjoy this amazing discovery the most. So I do hope you'll stick around. And please feel free to question or explain what you do or do not see. I give you my word of honor that when and if I can help you to actually see all that I'm seeing... You will not believe what all your mind eyes will have to take in!! And you'll feel just like me, as if you've discovered a hidden world of LEONARDO DA VINCI.


Reply to: mikster

Hmmm? If you had bad vision you'd probably know it. So I'm venturing a guess that you're in fact too close. Many of DA VINCI's "illusions" you simply cannot see up close.
(DISTANCE is part of a personal theory as to how I believe ALL of this eluded detection for over 500 years, but that's another story.)
Anyway, when I say, "Sit back" it's because it's one of the first secrets to seeing many of DA VINCI's illusions.
Also, from working with people in person, I noticed by asking them to tilt their head just a little to the left as they stared at the area just under the nose, they almost aways immediately were able to see the left profile of a new face, with the chin of the old man appearing as the large round nose of the new face.
I really appreciate you're leaving your comment. We all see things so differently and unless I understand what you can or cannot see, I'll never be a to help you see these incredible images.
So thanks again and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Robert Mileham

I am, to put it mildly, over whelmed by your site and it will take some reading to take it all in! I'll be back if I may?


Reply to: Robert Mileham

Sir, it is I, who am truly honored and humbled by your comment. Do take your time, I know this is indeed a lot to take in. But when and if you are able to glimpse just one image that you know in your heart is not just your imagination or a fluke but is real and exactly what DA VINCI has incorporated throughout his entire body of work; you will begin to see more and more. And you'll understand how very desperate I am to share these incredible images with the rest of the world.


Very interesting blog

Robert Mileham

I have started to read and discover your blog. You have spent a lot of time and effort on this and I want to see the things you see. The more I read however the more difficult I find it. It is intriguing and worth investigating. Each picture will I feel have to be considered in isolation. As "Old Git" suggests there is some value in what you see whether Da V intended it or not. I will persevere and keep reading. I have enjoyed my visit again.


Reply to Robert:

Sir, once again I am humbled and truly grateful that an artist of your quality and standing would in deed have an opened mind with regard to these amazing images of DA VINCI’s that I’ve found.

You are correct as to the enormous amount of time and effort I’ve dedicated to examining these works of art as well as the determined effort I have in sharing this discovery with the world.

It is an obsession that has in deed taken over a great deal of my life. A fate I dare not wish on anyone.

You do touch upon a very valid point that bares my consideration and which I shall pass on to future visitor to this site. For there is so much to absorb here, within just one of DA VINCI’s works of art that perhaps all new comers may be well advised to pick just on example of the works represented here and concentrate on it alone in order to render an opinion as to the validity of hidden images to be found within it.

Again I sincerely thank you for your time, comments and your encouragement.

L. A. Jansann


Obrigada por ter me adicionado.
Boa noite e fica com Deus.


Reply to Fernando,

Thank you for your comment. (Can anyone translate this for me?)


that is so amazingly cool! i never realized what a truly gifted artist he was!


Very nice blog and most interesting da Vinci I've seen in a long time. Robbay

Mark Antony

Fascinating...I never realised before those hidden images. Do you see hidden images in other artists, or mostly is it Da Vinci?

Your website is very beautiful.



Reply to Mark,

Thank you for the very kind words. I do hope you're seeing all that I'm seeing.

Though most of my research is obviously devoted to da Vinci as you may have noticed, by my photo albums and archives, I have found many other artist's in on this... Secret?

It is very time consuming due to the fact that I try to be very careful not to be fooled by "common anomalies" found within all art, photos, etc. However, it is the consistency of a "theme" of images found within a particular artist's work a long with a few other things that I must see to be convinced it is a real hidden image or illusion.

I might also let you and other's in on an announcement I'm about to make regarding very similar hidden images and illusions I've found in art work pre-dating DA VINCI by over 300 years. I still have to organize my vast number of files and research but look forward to seeing it soon!

Thanks again Mark and to all of you. I'm receiving so, so many private emails from all over the world. I'm truly overwhelmed by your kind words of encouragement and fascination with what I've found and with what all you are sharing with me that you're finding once you grasp the concept of an illusion.

Please feel free to post what you are finding. Many seem to need validation as to what you're seeing and though I do know sometimes exactly what you're describing; however, there are many hidden images that I've missed and you should credit yourself for your find. It's fun! And no one person could ever possibly find everything. So please feel free to post what you're finding!!!

You're all so wonderful. Thanks again.

L. A. Jansann

George McKim

Check out my blog - Da Vinci Gets Hammered! Da Vinci self portrait done with nails! http://georgemckim.blogspot.com/2007/12/davinci-gets-hammered.html


I think you are seeing what is in all paintings but which have no meaning and were not intended. You certainly must not paint yourself or you would know that such things crop up everytime the atist stands back from the canvas. This is akin to seeing Jesus's face in a loaf of bread.

Still, I enjoyed your blog.. well done.

Ps: the above is just my view, it's not a criticism.
Take care, Heroinhead


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You enable us to see clearly, to grasp what we are enjoying in the picture. The hidden message looks like the ABC now.
Thank you.
Personally I see such approach as a key to grasp the compositions of current artworks too.

Account Deleted

It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance . . . and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.


DaVinci was the very definition of genius

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