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I'm an Artist skirting the edges of fame and fortune due to my inability to part with my work.

My obsession with Leonardo da Vinci was a gradual progression that started over 13 years ago after I hung a small copy of the Mona Lisa in my bedroom.

In the beginning I shared the common opinion among many that Mona Lisa's not really a very pretty woman, in fact with the wide forehead and all I found her rather plane and somewhat masculine looking. Yet the more I found myself looking at her I couldn't help but wonder what it was about her that millions upon millions of people seemed to find so... Alluring?

Over the years as I would walk past the painting of Mona Lisa, throughout the day and on into the evening hours with varying degrees of sunlight, artificial lighting, etc., I would find myself stopping to stare at this painting, compelled to sway from side to side, up and down noticing what seemed to be ever changing faces as I did so; as well as, noticing other unmistakable (though certainly unexpected) images lurking within this painting. I slowly began to think and dare I say, even felt that I understood the mystique behind Mona Lisa's smile which has intrigued millions down through the centuries... For I truly believe she is smiling as she is because she's not alone in that painting!

My number of theories grew and then narrowed in on one main theory I am well prepared to stake my life on. That LEONARDO DA VINCI's "Mona Lisa" is what can only best be described as a hologram. That's right a hologram. A five hundred year old hand painted hologram at that! Over five hundred years actually. It's old!

Of course, where do you go, who do you tell after you've exhausted your family and friends with this information? So years would pass until the latter part of 2004 when I read Dan Brown's THE DA VINCI CODE and knew I just had to find a way to share my discoveries with the world.

Being so convinced of the "hologram effect" I also began an exhaustive examination of all of da Vinci's works of art discovering a seemingly endless array of images which are masterfully hidden by way of several different types of illusions in addition to the "hologram effect."

I spent a year all over the inter net trying to explain what I had discovered only to realize that I had to find a way to effectively SHOW the world what all I had found. Subsequently in November 2006, I dedicated a personal blog to share all that I have discovered as well as explain the simple secrets to hopefully enable everyone the means of seeing these incredible hidden images and illusions.

There really is no way to prepare you for what all you're going to see. However, when an image comes suddenly into clear focus from what appears to be nowhere then another and another and another consistently throughout da Vinci's works of art viewers normally find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that these could be mere flukes or common anomalies.

The vast number of hidden images and illusions can be seen clearly with the naked eye once you know how and what to look for. The type of illusions as well as the style of hidden images can vary from painting to painting and from sketch to sketch. But, once you grasp the concept you'll quickly begin to discover more and more of the same images within that particular work of art.

Though I have many personal theories as to why da Vinci may have done all of this and most certainly have been greatly influenced by the mass media attention and endless conspiracies surrounding this ingenious artist/inventor; I am presently, not really interested in speculating other than to imagine that perhaps he did it merely as a means of amusing himself with his own creative genius. For frankly, I am still just so amazed by what all my mind and eyes are trying to take in that I don't even care to think about that right now.

But, I definitely have theories and even more yet to reveal of what all I've discovered.